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Production Company: 4Ventos
Running time: 16 minutes
Date of Production: February 2006 – March 2008

The short feature "Dogui" tackles the theme of globalization from an unexpected point of view, that of a dog. The characters are hand drawn and digitally animated against actual backgrounds.

The film shows how Dógui got so depressed that he couldn’t stand the pressure any longer and gave in to irrational hatred. And how, feeling betrayed by chance, he took matters into his own hands.

Directed, written, produced and edited by Julia Martins
Executive Producer: Beth Formaggini
Director of Photography: Tiago Scorza
Illustrations: Helio Jesuíno
Animation: Silvia Guimaraens / Will Alves
Voices: Bruno Ratsen / Miguel Martins / Hélio Jesuíno
Sound Design: Bernardo Gebara
Music: Adapted from Arthur de Faria & Seu Conjunto / The Gilbertos
Prodution Managers: Vanessa Azevedo / Erick Maximiano

FILM CAREER (since June 2008)
Prizes: Innovation in Narrative Award at the III Cascavel International Cinema Festival (06/2008, PA – Brazil) / Best Short Animation at the II Cabo Frio Shorts (06/2008, RJ – Brazil)
Official Selections: 31st Guarnicê Cinema Festival (06/2008, São Luís, MA – Brazil) / Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2008 (06/2008 – USA) / II Cabo Frio Shorts (06/2008, RJ – Brazil) / Cinesul 2008 (06/2008, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) / III Cascavel International Cinema Festival (06/2008, PA – Brazil)

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